Auke L. Klazema

2019-12-30 -


Consistency is key. So this is my second entry in the log. Creating a daily entry during the holiday break should not be a problem. The trick is to keep it going after the break. My battle plan is to at least have an entry every day, even if it would only contain one word.

Today I started working on the "What is cyber security?" article. And I read up on how to write good paragraphs.

The idea behind these log entries is to keep my writing going, but also to give a peak behind the scenes. I don't expect these entries to be of the same quality as the article pages. Although quality improvements on the article pages hopefully increase quality of the log entries as well.

Some of the ideas I have for the website is to use Racket as the programming language. To use docker to provide the reader with a portable platform to experiment with. And to use gnucap or another spice like program to simulate circuits for the electronics part of the website.

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